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I hope you enjoy my new music video ‘Rain’ from my album Coming Home!
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Official Music Video – I Am

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I’m so happy to present my latest music video I Am produced by Warren […]
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National Anthem at the Seattle Majestics

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Well, here’s something I’ve never tried before. My very first National Anthem performance at […]
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New Album Release – The Sweetest Goodbye!

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I’m excited to share my latest album with you, The Sweetest Goodbye, my third […]
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Kaedyn Kashmir – The Real You Music Video (Official)

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I’m very excited to share my new music video ‘The Real You’ from my […]
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Talent Watch TV Show!

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Happy New Year! I hope you had a good one and I’m looking forward […]
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Merry Christmas Darling!

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Please enjoy my version of the classic Carpenters song Merry Christmas Darling! Wherever you […]
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Coming Home is getting more press!

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The word is getting out! I was honored to have my second interview with […]
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Kaedyn Kashmir – Warrior Music Video (Official)

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I’m very excited to share the first music video ‘Warrior’ from my new album […]
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Coming Home Worldwide Release!

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Hello Friends…Wow! The reaction to my new album ‘Coming Home’ has been overwhelming.. Thank […]
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